Learn the skills required to navigate ecosystems successfully and maximize your company’s growth potential.


Our Masterclass is ideal for teams who want to learn how to analyze, strategize, position and design ecosystems and offerings. The interactive format, on-site or online, for 5-40 participants introduces everyone to the Ecosystemizer methodology within one or two days.

Why Should You attend

The Ecosystemizer framework helps you navigate ecosystems with success.

Our workshops consist of the following activities:

  • Learn how to analyze a company’s ecosystem environment (competitors, trends, etc.)
  • Use the Ecosystem Strategy Map and other Ecosystemizer tools for company ecosystem positioning
  • Gain an understanding of possible ecosystem strategies
  • Learn how to design ecosystem offerings
  • Gain knowledge about how to translate ecosystem strategy into initiatives and projects for business growth

WHO Should attend

Business leaders, senior executives, innovation managers, company owners and entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches. Anyone looking for an intuitive way to navigate ecosystems successfully. Teams with any level of experience or knowledge about ecosystem strategy and positioning are welcome.

The Masterclass is a favorite among first timers who want to learn and understand the basics of ecosystem design. Also popular amongst entire teams or business units to enable them to successfully carry out ecosystem projects and initiatives.


  • Ecosystemizer tools and methodology
  • How to develop and communicate an ecosystem strategy for business growth
  • How to analyze an organisation’s ecosystem environment
  • How to think through different ecosystem strategies and positioning options
  • Ecosystem offering design