Strategy Sprint

A 3-6 months strategy process to define your ecosystem strategy and prepare for implementation.


The strategy sprint is perfect for business leaders and their teams who want to build the foundation for ecosystem success. Over the period of 3-6 months we will analyse the ecosystem environment, evaluate strategic positioning moves, define the ecosystem strategy and design use cases.


3-months Strategy Sprint

Phase 1: Explore - WEEKs 1-4

The exploration phase is all about aligning the leadership and teams with their goals and roles, and get a understanding of the company’s current ecosystem situation.

  • Alignment with leadership and team to set the right expectations and goals
  • Alignment with leadership and team to clarify roles, responsibilities, project sponsors, resources and helpful data and knowledge sources
  • Setup of project management infrastructure like scheduling and meeting tools
  • Kick-off workshop to review company status quo, trends, competitors/ecosystem players and customers
  • The Ecosystemizer tools - Part 1: Ecosystem Strategy Map, Offering Matrix

Phase 2: Elaborate - Weeks 5-8

During the elaboration phase, teams will go through a number of workshops to define ecosystem strategy and positioning options and then ideate within this scope to develop business use cases on current and future customer needs.

  • Positioning workshop to develop hypotheses for strategic ecosystem positioning
  • The Ecosystemizer tools - Part 2: Standard Ecosystem Strategies, Stakeholder Sheet, Ecosystem Canvas
  • Ecosystem creator workshops to ideate use cases and identify partners and other ecosystem requirements

Phase 3: Evolve - Weeks 9-12

In the Evolve phase, the business use cases are specified and budget requirements are defined. Final decisions regarding ecosystem strategy and positioning are made and prioritization of initiatives, roadmap and resource planning are being done.

  • Closing workshop to define objectives and evaluate use cases
  • Final decision for target positioning
  • Planning of resources, roadmap and next steps
  • Preparing for implementation


  • Alignment of management team
  • Definition of ecosystem strategy and positioning
  • Development of ecosystem skills
  • Definition of ecosystem initiatives and budget requirements
  • Clear priorities and next steps for implementation

Let’s start the strategy sprint together