Our goal is to help business leaders successfully navigate ecosystems.

We are a creative and analytical team that loves building highly intuitive tools that create joy and insight in the hands of individuals and teams working in small startups, medium enterprises or big corporates.

Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl - Ecosystemizer Founder

Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl

Dr. Denis Krechting - Ecosystemizer Co-Inventor

Dr. Denis Krechting

Maximilian Schulze - Ecosystemizer Consultant

Maximilian Schulze

Anna-Lena Lappé - Ecosystemizer Marketing

Anna-Lena Lappé

Peter Borchers - Ecosystemizer Senior Advisor

Peter Borchers
Senior Advisor

Alexander Almerood - Ecosystemizer Senior Advisor

Alexander Almerood
Senior Advisor

Dr. Simon Hassannia - Ecosystemizer Senior Advisor

Dr. Simon Hassannia
Senior Advisor